The Estate of Steve Jobs: Will it be Taxed?

Much has been written about the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs over the past days.  One area that has received increased attention is the estate planning done by Jobs, his attorneys, his accounts, and other professionals before his death.  Forbes columnist, Deborah L. Jacobs, has recently expounded upon this topic in further detail accompanying her prediction that Steve Jobs’s estate will not pay any estate tax.

While most people are not billionaires like Steve Jobs, all families can benefit from quality estate planning.  Whether aiming to avoid probate, limit (or eliminate, potentially, in Steve Jobs’s case) estate taxes, ensure that your assets will be passed on to those you choose, support charities, or a whole host of other goals, estate planning is a good idea for each and every adult.  Estate planning is not a “one size fits all” undertaking.  By meeting with a trusted estate planning attorney, clients can maximize their goals and create plans that are specifically tailored to their needs and desires.

If you have been putting off your estate planning, call (614) 888-4911 today to speak with one of Kohler & Smith Co., LPA’s estate planning attorneys or visit us on the web at for more information.


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